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Italian films

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Lovers of Italian cinema will want to take advantage of our ‘Focus on Italy’ bundle. In this centenary year of Federico Fellini’s birth, celebrate the vitality and inventiveness of cinema from Italy with five films which embrace realism, fantasy, comedy, incisive documentary, allegory, family, the vivacity of youth, the beautiful Italian landscape and the beautiful Italian people. Our special rate gives you a 25% discount on the combined ticket price.

Available to rent until 8.30 PM, Saturday 13th June

Films included in this package

Pursued by a vengeful thug, farmer Rocco and his mute daughter flee across a beautiful but threatened land.
1h 25m Drama, Adventure 2019
Stella suspects her father's lying, but dare she step outside? A LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE
Darkness / Buio
1h 38m Drama, Thriller 2019
Sick of the poverty and corruption she sees around her, 17-yr-old Nevia is determined to escape.
1h 26m Drama 2019
Young Palestinians try to escape the bombs and barriers of Gaza through parkour skills.
One More Jump
1h 23m Documentary, Sport 2019
A witness to a Mafia shooting and the shooter-turned-grass end up in the same 'safe' sanctuary.
Paradise / Una nuova vita
1h 25m Drama, Comedy 2019

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