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YourScreen’s celebration of Japanese cinema, part of the British Film Institute’s ‘Japan 2021’ project.
Screen Two: Beyond Kurosawa
This is not a film - choose another one! 0m
An adored J-Pop princess is terrifyingly haunted by her manufactured persona after she quits her band. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 24 DEC
Perfect Blue / Pâfekuto burû
Anime, Psycho-drama, Mystery, Horror, Youth 1h 21m 1997
After a badly executed assignment, a hitman finds himself in conflict with his organisation. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 31 DEC
Branded to Kill / Koroshi no rakuin
Crime, Thriller 1h 31m 1967
A curious young girl discovers the reason why her community lives underground when she ventures into the forbidden zone. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 24 DEC
Patema Inverted / Sakasama no Patema
Anime, Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance, Youth 1h 38m 2013
Emerging from three years in prison, Goro, a hard-knocks school gangster, finds it impossible to avoid trouble - and love. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 31 DEC
Outlaw: Gangster VIP / Burai yori daikanbu
Crime, Thriller 1h 34m 1968
Visceral erotic horror sees two impoverished and abandoned women preying on samurai returning from the wars. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 24 DEC
Horror, Erotic, Jidaigeki 1h 40m 1964
A sinister accomplice from family man Toshio's past gains the trust of his wife and young daughter. AVAILABLE 29 OCT - 26 DEC
Harmonium / Fuchi ni tatsu
Drama, Thriller 2h 0m 2016
Lovelorn Kato finds his bedroom computer monitor is linked to the one in his cafe - by a 2-minute hop into the future! AVAILABLE 12 NOV - 26 DEC
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes / Droste no hate de bokura
Comedy, Science Fiction, Romance 1h 10m 2021