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Breathtaking documentary about the artist Christo and his colourful 2016 land art installation 'The Floating Piers'.
Walking on Water
1h 45m Documentary, Adventure 2018
An uncompromising portrait of teenage life in a dead-end town.
Scheme Birds
1h 30m Documentary, Teen 2019
Unfolding in real time - one place and one event that will irrevocably change the lives of three men.
1h 18m Drama, Thriller 2020
Pursued by a vengeful thug, farmer Rocco and his mute daughter flee across a beautiful but threatened land.
1h 25m Drama, Adventure 2019
Stella suspects her father's lying, but dare she step outside? A LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE
Darkness / Buio
1h 38m Drama, Thriller 2019
Two unruly snow-loving camels inspire a family trip to Mongolia to find a trainer.
The Arctic Camels / Kamel
1h 15m Documentary, Adventure 2019
Love and tradition collide in this moving first feature from Iranian documentarian.
Son-Mother / Pesar-Madar (plus Q+A)
1h 42m Drama 2019
12-yr-old Jekshen, the fastest boy in the village, struggles with bullies, a chaotic home life and the pressure to win.
Running To the Sky / Jo Kuluk
1h 28m Drama, Comedy 2019
An insight into elite sport while exploring themes of globalisation and integration.
The Beautiful Game / Det vackra spelet
1h 19m Documentary, Sport 2020
A pitch black absurdist comedy, exploring the repetitive patterns of abusive relationships.
Cook F**K Kill / Žáby bez jazyka
1h 56m Comedy, Drama 2019
Simon Bird's gentle, insightful debut adapted from the graphic novel of the same name.
Days of the Bagnold Summer (plus Q+A)
1h 29m Drama, Comedy 2019
A beautifully photographed portrait of the harsh lives of Québec’s Innu people.
1h 57m Drama 2019
Young Palestinians try to escape the bombs and barriers of Gaza through parkour skills.
One More Jump
1h 23m Documentary, Sport 2019
Survivor of a crash which killed her parents, Cleo assuages her guilt with practice on a Rachmaninov piano prelude. An enigmatic man enters her life.
1h 45m Drama, Teen 2019
High-achiever Antigone sacrifices her future to save her dope-dealing brother.
Antigone (plus Q+A)
1h 49m Drama, Teen 2019
A disillusioned architect searches for his lost youth - accompanied by a friendly and wilful elephant.
Pop Aye
1h 44m Drama, Comedy 2017
Three pairs of police officers investigate a tapestry of incidents during one Sofia night.
Rounds / V krŭg (plus Q+A)
1h 47m Drama, Black Comedy 2019
The brief, rich, and contradictory life of the artist Carlos Almaraz.
Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire
1h 22m Documentary, Biography 2019
A mother obsesses over the belief that her son was sold into adoption at birth.
Stitches / Šavovi
1h 45m Drama, Thriller 2019
Young 'Amour Fou' runs riot across a lush and timeless Ardennes landscape.
1h 38m Drama, Romance 2019
A no-holds-barred satire on our love affair with all things digital.
1h 48m Comedy, Society 2019
Gus, 13, faces a long, hot summer during which everything goes wrong for his family.
Beyond the Horizon / Le milieu de l'horizon
2h 7m Drama, LGBTQ 2019
Sick of the poverty and corruption she sees around her, 17-yr-old Nevia is determined to escape.
1h 26m Drama 2019
A witness to a Mafia shooting and the shooter-turned-grass end up in the same 'safe' sanctuary.
Paradise / Una nuova vita
1h 25m Drama, Comedy 2019
Young pranksters cause uproar in Tibet when they make off with something precious.
Balloon / Qiqiu
1h 42m Drama, Comedy 2019
Enigmatic and gorgeously cinematic road movie reveals the real America.
2h 10m Adventure, Drama 2019
David Lynch collaborator Barry Gifford recalls his colourful 1950s Chicago upbringing in this multi-faceted documentary.
Roy's World: Barry Gifford's Chicago (plus Q+A)
1h 15m Documentary, Animation 2020
Love can depend on the slightest of chances - a misplaced letter in an email address, for instance.
The Space Between the Lines / Gut gegen Nordwind (plus Q+A)
2h 3m Drama, Romance 2019
A grumpy Austrian nonagenarian forms a strange bond with a young illegal immigrant.
1h 29m Drama, Dark Humor 2019
Merce Cunningham turns the world of dance on its head.
1h 33m Documentary, Biography 2019
Three elderly sisters take an off-kilter road trip in this joyful Finnish road movie.
Ladies of Steel / Teräsleidit
1h 32m Drama, Comedy 2020
An exhilarating document of the glory days of the 'Rock Against Racism' movement.
White Riot (plus Q+A)
1h 20m Documentary, Music 2019

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