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Rosa, 45, presses the 'nuclear button' and re-sets her life and that of her family and friends in this brisk comedy. AVAILABLE 13 JAN - 31 MARCH
Rosa's Wedding / La boda de Rosa
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2020
A young boy fleeing an abuser is helped across the sun-baked Andalusian terrain by a world-weary shepherd.
Out In the Open / Intemperie
1h 43m Adventure, Drama 2019
Young Polish live-in carer Wanda brings joy and havoc to the lakeside villa of an affluent Swiss family.
My Wonderful Wanda
1h 51m Drama, Comedy 2020
A special event celebrating 50 years of film making from one of the UK's most prolific film makers
In Conversation with Stephen Frears
37m Drama 2021
After being arrested in the Dominican Republic, an Afropean woman escapes and is sheltered by 3 minors, in a dangerous district of Santo Domingo.
Bantú Mama
1h 17m Drama 2021

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