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Two holocaust survivors find hope for a future, but their relationship is threatened by new forces of darkness.
Those Who Remained / Akik maradtak
Historical Drama 1h 23m 2019
An Iranian mother's search for her missing son in Athens sets her on an odyssey of self discovery. AVAILABLE 17 SEPTEMBER - 24 OCTOBER
Drama 1h 41m 2020
An illicit affair is terrifyingly conflated with the political tensions of the Middle East. AVAILABLE 17 SEPTEMBER - 24 OCTOBER
The Reports on Sarah and Saleem
Mexico, Drama 2h 7m 2018
The complications of teenage life are exposed with an intense honesty and immediacy. AVAILABLE 24 SEPTEMBER - 31 OCTOBER
Drama, Youth 1h 35m 2015
Sick of the poverty and corruption she sees around her, 17-yr-old Nevia is determined to escape. AVAILABLE 24 SEPTEMBER - 31 OCTOBER
Drama 1h 26m 2019
Eight old friends, approaching middle age, re-unite at a Finnish lakeside villa. AVAILABLE 1 OCTOBER - 31 OCTOBER
Games People Play / Seurapeli
Drama, Comedy 1h 57m 2020