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Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

1h 35m Documentary, History 2020

Helen Mirren presents ANNE FRANK: PARALLEL STORIES, marking the 90th birthday of Anne Frank. One secret diary. One imaginary friend. The moving testimony of five survivors.

In this very special cinema event, Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren retraces Anne’s life through the pages of her remarkable and enlightening diary, and through the lives of five women who, as teenage girls, were also deported to concentration camps but escaped the Holocaust.

Made in collaboration with Anne Frank Fonds (established by Anne’s father Otto Frank in 1963), ANNE FRANK: PARELLEL STORIES is a moving and timely ode to the strength of the human spirit in the face of great adversity – and the importance of keeping memory and history alive for future generations.

What the critics say….

“….the essentials are strong: Helen Mirren reads powerfully from the diary and tells Frank’s story alongside those of five women who survived the Holocaust as children” - Edward Porter, Sunday Times (UK)

“Heartfelt and valuable documentary, presented on camera by Helen Mirren, centring on the Anne Frank story (Mirren is shown in a reconstruction of Anne’s secret room in the Amsterdam house, and reading from her diaries) bringing in testimony from many current Holocaust survivors, and their families. ….It is a film that is targeted at younger people….periodically imagines a young woman travelling by rail all over Europe to various historical sites, ending in Amsterdam, posting pictures and thoughts on Instagram, hash-tagging key phrases” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


Anna Migotto


Sabina Fedeli



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

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