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1h 45m Drama, Teen, Music 2019

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UK Première Screening

17-yr-old Cleo is racked with guilt over the death of her parents, who died in a car crash which she survived. As she attempts to rebuild her life by taking on the challenge of mastering a Rachmaninov piano prelude, an enigmatic man walks into her life. Older, seemingly wiser, Leos is the catalyst for Cleo to start afresh, but he is harbouring a devastating secret. In director Eva Cools’ debut feature, Anna Franziska Jaeger is terrific as Cleo, pouring her anger and grief into her music, which becomes more integral to the unfolding drama as the tension builds. Roy Aernouts impresses as Leos, a man who only carries his enigma for long enough for the audience to realise it is masking an agonising inner turmoil. As the music swells towards a crescendo, will both find the release they need to move on?

Cleo has won 4 awards at international film festivals, including the Alice in the City Prize - Rising Star Award for Anna Franziska Jaeger and the MyMovies First Film Award at Rome Film Fest 2019.

”…her music acts as a vector, ferrying her through to the other side of mourning, while communicating the intensity, the anger, the distress, the guilt, the loss and the sadness associated with bereavement, but also the love this young woman feels, and the considerable power of memories.” - Aurore Engelin, Cineuropa.

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Eva Cools


Dutch, French





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