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Cook F**K Kill / Žáby bez jazyka

1h 56m Comedy, Drama, Dark Humor 2019

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Cook F**k Kill may prove the most divisive film of the entire festival. Eschewing conventional narrative in favour of a series of overlapping plots, it explores the abuse of women with the help of a whole range of absurdist, psychoanalytical and experimental techniques. Jaroslav K (his name a deliberate reference to Kafka’s Josef K) needs to open a gate to get into a property where his children are supposedly hiding. To do so, he undergoes a series of tests and trials. Owing more to video games than to conventional cinema, Cook F**k Kill will appeal to admirers of Yorgos Lanthimos in his Lobster era as well as to all lovers of pitch-black Eastern European comedy. Nb - The film includes very brief but graphic scenes in an abattoir which some viewers might find upsetting.

“The scabrously-titled absurdist drama Cook F**k Kill… is a playful, provocative exploration of family violence and dysfunction that uses repetition, transgression, black comedy, and folk tales to make its points.” - Alissa Simon, Variety.

“A boldly-executed absurdist comedy, which tackles its central theme - domestic abuse - in a manner very different to the usual gritty realist approaches, with provocative, sometimes discomforting results. Dare one say it, it’s also highly entertaining.” - Demetrios Matheou, Screen International.

“Fornay´s latest film Cook F**k Kill is an original and fearless vision… unsettling without being didactic, topical and timeless… infused by dark humour.” - Martin Kudlac, Screen Anarchy.

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Mira Fornay






Slovakia, Czech Republic

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