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Darkness / Buio

1h 38m Drama, Thriller 2019

‘Focus on Italy’

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In these times of isolation at home, you might feel some sympathy for Stella (rising Italian star Denise Tantucci) and her two sisters, held captive in a large rambling mansion by their paranoid – or is it simply abusive? – father. He tells them an apocalyptic event has rendered the outside world uninhabitable, and insists on a strictly ritualistic regimen inside the house, which he leaves occasionally to ‘forage’ for food. It’s fascinating to watch Stella’s gradually evolving rebellion against this status quo - torn between the sureties of her proscribed existence and the gnawing suspicion that it’s all a charade, eventually she steps outside. Dedicated to women everywhere who resist, this bold and inventive first feature, which touches upon horror, fairy tale and feminist drama, was nominated for Best First Feature at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2019.

”…we advise you not to miss this little gem and to keep an eye on the director Emanuela Rossi” - Lost in Cinema.

“The premise of three girls living with their father in isolation during the times of the apocalypse sounds familiar, but first-time filmmaker Emanuela Rossi… has tried to do something fresh and in sync with contemporary thematic trends.” - Cineuropa.

Buio is an excellent first work which denotes, once again, that courage in dealing with important themes and less frequented genres is not always destined to fail. Recommended.” -

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