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Days of the Bagnold Summer (plus Q+A) (2019)

1h 29m Drama, Comedy, Teen 2019

Simon Bird, best known for his role in television’s The Inbetweeners, has created this gentle, insightful debut, adapted by his wife Lisa Owens from a graphic novel of the same name. Metalhead Daniel (Earl Cave, son of NIck) lives with his divorced mother in the suburbs while he waits to spend a six-week holiday with his dad in Florida. Then Dad cancels, and Daniel is forced to get along with Mum (Monica Dolan), despite her resistance to his growing-up. Apathetic and unmotivated, Daniel half-heartedly looks for a job and thinks about becoming a metal singer. With songs by indie band Belle & Sebastian.

Click here to watch a recording of the Q+A with director Simon Bird which followed the launch screening on Tuesday 9th June.

“A strong directorial debut from Bird … capturing moments of desire and hope.” – Cineuropa

“An unexpectedly gentle and pensive portrait of a strained relationship between a mother and a son.” - Wendy Ide, Screen International.

“In the purest way imaginable, this is a charming romcom about a mum and her son… a promising first effort that emulates filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Elaine May and Hal Ashby in its fondness for awkward characters with moxie.” - Katherine McLaughlin, Sight & Sound.


Simon Bird




United Kingdom

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