Fatima's Job (Short Doc) (2021)

  • Documentary, Short
  • 6min

Fatima’s Job documents the struggles of emerging artists in the music industry during the pandemic, and how they have had to adapt to keep their careers alive. It reflects not only the careers of musicians, but anyone working in the entertainment or arts sector.

“Filmed during the second lockdown, in the aftermath of the government’s ‘Fatima’s Job’ campaign, we decided to talk to emerging singers as they struggle to stay afloat. Inspired by the Desktop Documentary genre, we really wanted to make a completely Covid-safe documentary that captures the issues with an informed yet open outlook.”

Nathalie Canvin and Max Hayes are film students from Middlesex University.


Cliona Shephard, Roland Elton Chan, Issy Winstanley, Alina Foster Flaherty


Nathalie Canvin


Max Francis Hayes



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