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1h 33m Drama 2017

Hannah is the intimate portrait of a woman as she teeters between denial and reality. Left alone grappling with the consequences of her husband’s imprisonment, Hannah begins to unravel. Through the exploration of her fractured sense of identity and loss of self-control, the film investigates modern day alienation, the struggle to connect, and the dividing lines between individual identity, personal relationships, and societal pressures. Charlotte Rampling won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the 2018 Dublin International Film Festival for her magnificent performance.

Director Andrea Pallaoro states: “Hannah explores the inner torment of a woman in denial, trapped by her own sense of loyalty and devotion, paralyzed by her insecurities and dependencies. Hannah’s struggle touches me deeply, maybe because I sense how unforgiving the world can be towards her, or maybe because I see in her certain parts of myself. What I know is that with this film I wanted to feel close to her, to hold her hand, to empower her, to reassure her. More than anything, I wanted the world to see her, to sense her grief, and to witness her struggle to define herself anew, alone. The film is based upon the conviction that close observation of a single character, or even a single mood, can reflect our condition as human beings and allows anybody to ‘mirror’ himself in the character and the story.”

“Rampling carries the film through each slow-burning scene. Wandering aimlessly through streets in Brussels and along a beach in Knocke she is a picture of broken life. And we feel for her.” - Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia.

“It is staggering to realise that Hannah is only Pallaoro’s second feature film and more so that he was only 31 at the time of shooting, suggesting that this director possesses a wonderful talent for his craft and learns fast.” - Guy Lambert, The Upcoming.


Andrea Pallaoro


Andrea Pallaoro


Orlando Tirado


Chayse Irvin


French, English




Italy, France, Belgium


606 Distribution

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