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1h 16m Thriller 2021

When Molly moves into her new apartment after a tragic accident, a strange noise from upstairs begins to unnerve her. As the noises grow more desperate and sound more and more like screams for help, Molly confronts her neighbours – but no one seems to hear what she is hearing. In a disturbing search for the truth, Molly realises that no one believes her, and begins to question herself.

What the critics say….

“Frida Kempff’s Knocking is the disturbing kind of slow burn mystery that makes a viewer question everything they see or hear. We are shown hints of what’s happened, but not everything is explained. Things that felt safe or insignificant in the movie soon warp into danger signs.” - Monica Castillo, Roger Ebert

“In a psychological horror film from Sweden, a woman is certain she hears distress signals through her apartment walls, and struggles to be believed. Hannes Krantz’s astute camerawork goes full-on expressionistic during Molly’s climactic middle-of-the-night freak-out, a sequence in which time and perspective are not just heightened but crazed. (Cecilia) Miloccco’s potent naturalistic performance conveys how intensely Molly is trying to hold it together from moment to moment, and how deeply she rages against the (mostly male) scorn that surrounds her” - Sherie Linden, Hollywood Reporter

“Noises in the night fuel urban paranoia and apartment angst. Claustrophobic tale of a woman falling apart in her flat is familiar territory, but told here with fresh panache” - Phuong Lee, The Guardian


Frida Kempff







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