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1h 57m Drama 2019

A debut feature by Myriam Verreault, adapted by Naomi Fontaine from her critically-acclaimed novel of the same name, Kuessipan, which means ‘your turn’ in the Innu language, tells of two girls growing up as best friends in an Innu community in north-eastern Québec. While Mikuan (Sharon Ishpatao Fontaine)has a loving family, Shaniss (Yamie Grégoire) is picking up the pieces of her shattered childhood. As children, they promised each other to stick together no matter what. But as they’re about to turn 17, their friendship is shaken when Mikuan falls for a white boy, and starts dreaming of leaving the reserve that’s now too small for her dreams.

Kuessipan_ won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2019 Quebec City International Film Festival, the WIFF Prize in Canadian Film at the Windsor International Film Festival 2019.

What the critics say….

“Quiet and mesmerizing and tragic and full of hope. It is a triumph, and a privilege to spend time with.” – **Globe and Mail, Toronto**.

“Myriam Verreault does not avoid the harsh realities that plague the reserves, far from it. However, she is betting on showing us resilient, strong (even in moments of weakness) and often very funny characters.” - Cinéfilic, Québec.

“Myriam Verreault, in her feature debut, takes Fontaine’s story and crafts it into a coming-of-age tale; the white director worked closely with Fontaine in order to learn about the culture, to capture the Innu with as much truth and respect as possible. She excels, crafting a film told through an indigenous lens that discusses universal themes of friendship, identity, love and heartbreak” - Sara Clements,

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