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La Civil

2h 20m Drama 2021

La Civil is a thrilling, compelling, and thought-provoking drama, based on true events, from director Teodora Ana Mihai. Cielo’s (Arcelia Ramìrez) teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in northern Mexico.

Despite paying several ransoms, Laura is not returned. When the authorities offer no support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands, turning from a housewife into a vengeful militant. Her relentless search puts her in the crosshairs of cartel members and dubious officials alike… La Civil is a heart-breaking and important look at a country in crisis ruled by narco-violence and corruption.

Teodora Miha (director) imbues this harrowing tale of a mother’s search for justice with a documentarian’s gaze, in a solidly made descent into every parent’s worst nightmare.

What the critics say….

“This film began life as a documentary about kidnaps for ransom, fuelled by narco violence in northern Mexico….(it is) a naturalistic-looking drama, intelligent and mostly absorbing” - Cath Clarke, The Guardian

“I just want to find my daughter,” is the heartfelt plea which becomes a haunting mantra in La Civil….a nuanced portrait of the culture of violence that has come to define modern Mexico. A commanding, award-worthy central performance from Arcelia Ramirez is the ace in the hole” - Alan Hunter, Screen International

“A mother’s search for her kidnapped daughter…this Cannes Film Festival award winner is an unsparing drama about the never-ending cycle of violence in northern Mexico. This is a gripping and heartbreaking film that goes out with a whimper that hits harder than any kind of bang it could’ve mustered - Manuel Betancourt, Variety


Teodora Mihai


Mexican Spanish




Belgium, Mexico, Romania


Les Films du Fleuve (BE), Signature

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