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Ladies of Steel / Teräsleidit (2020)

1h 32m Drama, Comedy 2020

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UK Première Screening

Join three elderly sisters on an off-kilter road trip in this entertaining Finnish road movie. 75-year-old Inkeri (Leena Uotila) hits her infuriating husband over the head with a frying pan after an argument over raspberry jam (naturally). Leaving him for dead, she teams up with her sisters Sylvi (Saara Pakkasvirta) and Raili (Seela Sella) and heads for the Koli National Park. It will be a journey filled with quirky characters, tearful reminiscences and rekindled romance. In director Pamela Tola’s second feature, the chemistry between the bickering sisters is an absolute joy in a heartfelt, age-positive story of old flames and new beginnings.

“A slightly demented relative of all the Bad Moms and Rough Nights … there is way too much heart to write this film off as pleasantly nasty.” – Cineuropa

” ‘Personally, I haven’t seen women like that in cinema, which was one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I felt like something was missing. Why don’t we see them depicted as active people, not just some ‘grannies’? They are human beings, like we all are.’ Prone to angry outbursts, excessive alcohol intake and random hook-ups, Tola’s film is certainly not another The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”- from an interview with Pamela Tola in Variety.

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