Lost Transmissions (plus Q+A) (2019)

  • Drama, Music
  • 1h 45m

CIFF patron Simon Pegg turns in a compelling and powerfully moving performance as Theo, a schizophrenic Los Angeles record producer, who finds a kindred spirit in Hannah (Juno Temple), a shy singer-songwriter who also has a history of mental health issues. Wisely steering clear of turning this into yet another musical romance, writer / director Katharine O’Brien based the film on real life experiences, crafting a tender platonic relationship between two characters who seemed destined to meet. When Theo stops taking his medication, believing it will help his creativity, the results are disastrous. His exasperated friends are at a loss to help and it’s left to Hannah to help him navigate America’s inadequate mental health system. It’s a formidable performance from Pegg, who channels the charming persona he is known for into something complex and multi-layered, grappling with inner demons and cosmic soundscapes only he can tune into. As Hannah, Juno Temple has never been better, communicating both a deep vulnerability and an unshakable commitment to do the right thing.

To watch a recording of the streamed Q&A with Simon Pegg, hosted by Jenny Kermode, please click here.

“Simon Pegg and Juno Temple bring typically great performances to their characters.” – Film Inquiry

“Temple and Pegg, when their characters aren’t falling apart (and even sometimes when they are), convey intelligence and mutual regard with refreshing straightforwardness.” - Glenn Kenny, The New York Times.

“Hopeful but not too tidy, Lost Transmissions tells its story without engaging with foolish cliches about creativity and madness.” - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter.

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Simon Pegg, Juno Temple, Alexandra Daddario


Katharine O’Brien



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