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Madly In Life / Un vie démente

1h 27m Drama, Comedy 2020

Alex and Noémie, in their thirties, would like to have a child. But their plans are turned upside down when Alex’s mother, Suzanne, elegant and and charismatic, starts behaving in a crazy and unpredictable manner. It’s because she has contracted ‘semantic dementia’. Her behaviour grows more challenging, eccentric and playful like an unmanageable child which requires Alex and Noémie to act as parents.

But Madly in Life is a joy, celebrating the humanity which remains when cognitive skills and functions begin to wither and manages to infuse the subject with humour. This film is an absorbing watch, heart-warming and often funny, offering much food for thought.

What the critics say….

“In tackling this subject, the filmmakers have opted for a life-affirming approach. Through the film’s delicate yet deeply moving balance between humour and emotion, while acknowledging the gravity of the situation, they manage to address a sensitive subject with imagination and light-heartedness, finding a clever solution; a tragic story multiplied by a comic form equals emotion - Aurora Engelen, Cineurope

“’The director duo’s first feature is a home-run in every single way, and easily one of the finest films I’ve seen this year” - Seth Eelen, into:screens

“Madly in Life is an indie dramedy that tackles dementia with dark humor and levity….It’s a charming film about aging and love—a foreign delight” - Josh at The Movies


Ann Sirot


Raphaël Balboni


Ann Sirot


Raphaël Balboni


Jorge Piquer Rodríguez







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