Mating / Parning (2019)

  • Documentary, Romance
  • 1h 33m


UK Première,

courtesy of Film Republic.

Swedish filmmaker Lina Maria Mannheimer sets out to investigate young love. She decides to follow two millennials over the internet, to track each of their dating habits, and to see how they create their digital personas over a year. She places an ad online - two late teens in Stockholm respond and offer to film themselves as they discover online dating. All’s going well with her two subjects (Naomi encounters problems setting up her webcam, and so Edvin offers to help her out) when the film takes an unforeseen twist - they start dating one another. They meet, fall in love and break up, but they don’t give up on each-other and a unique friendship emerges. For a year Naomi and Edvin film themselves and the result is an intimate and raw portrait of their romance.

As they develop a roller coaster relationship, they offer up their lives to the camera and their filming allows us behind the social media - or any façade. We get to take part in two 20-year old’s uncensored thoughts about life’s challenges and relationships. Both brutally honest and heart-warming, Mating is the ultimate exposé of modern-day dating.

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Edvin Kempe, Naomi Carter


Lina Mannheimer


Naomi Carter


Edvin Kempe


Swedish, English



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