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My Little Sister / Schwesterlein

1h 39m Family Drama 2020


A once brilliant playwright, Lisa no longer writes. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and children but her spirit has stayed in Berlin, chiming to the rhythm of her twin brother’s heart. The ties between the siblings have grown stronger since Sven was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukaemia. He’s a famous theatre actor and Lisa refuses to accept his fate, returning to Berlin to donate bone marrow and moving heaven and earth to get him back on stage. She gives her all for her soul-mate, neglecting everything else. When even her relationship with her husband starts to fall apart Lisa only has eyes for her brother, her mirror, who reconnects her with her deepest aspirations and rekindles her desire to create, to feel alive…

Directors Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond have shared a creative partnership since their teens, initially as students of theatre, then as actors and producers and now as filmmakers. In My Little Sister they express their love of Berlin and its theatre culture, and were inspired by Nina Hoss’ performance in Christian Petzold’s Barbara (2014) to write a script with this actor in mind. Incredibly, in early 2015 they bumped into Hoss by chance in a Berlin boutique and introduced themselves - she agreed to take on the role of Lisa. Chuat and Reymond have also stated that the central relationship between the twins in the film is a reflection of the creative bond they share – “The movie is pretty much tied to our own experience, because it’s also creation that connects both of us. Creativity is part of our daily lives” - Stéphanie Chuat.

“Starring two of Germany’s finest actors, this story of adult twins and their toxic mother packs a rare emotional punch.” - Wendy Ide, The Guardian.

“With its outstanding leading cast, My Little Sister is a mature and moving drama.” - Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia.

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Stéphanie Chuat


Stéphanie Chuat


Véronique Reymond


Filip Zumbrunn


German, French, English






606 Distribution

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