My Year of Living Mindfully (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 38m

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Award-winning health journalist Shannon Harvey faced a troubling paradox. Despite unprecedented progress in modern medicine, 140 million people around the world are addicted to drugs and alcohol. At the same time, more people will die by suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists or criminals combined. Why? For Shannon, the problem was personal. Overwhelmed with exhaustion from insomnia and an incurable autoimmune disease, the 37-yr-old mother of two young children needed to make a change. But although there was a mountain of information telling her what she should be eating and drinking, how much sleep she should be getting, and how much exercise she should be doing, when Shannon looked for a widely-accepted evidence-based recommendation for what she could do to protect, nurture and nourish her mind - there was nothing. Shannon’s search for the brain’s equivalent of a 30-minute jog around the block, or the mind’s daily serving of five fruit and vegetables, led her to mindfulness …

“As a front-person for this journey of self-discovery, Harvey is an engaging protagonist, owning personal doubt in her ability to apply herself to the yearlong commitment and not hiding her own insecurities as her treatment demands introspection… She also exhibits her award-winning skills as a journalist, with increasingly complex academic theorising from the many leaders in the field at her disposal presented with clarity.” - Screen-Space.

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Neil Bailey, Amit Bernstein, Judson Brewer


Shannon Harvey


Julian Harvey



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