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Nobadi (2019)

1h 29m Drama, Dark Humor 2019

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Terminally grumpy and mean spirited, 91-year-old Robert (Heinz Trixner) lives on a small allotment in Vienna. When his dog dies, he is determined to bury it on his own land, but hasn’t the strength to dig a grave. So he enlists the help of Adib (Borhanulddin Hassan Zadeh), a young migrant from Afghanistan, for four Euros an hour. The two struggle with their prejudices, but the tables are turned when Adib needs help with a life-or-death problem of his own, leading to an astonishing final act. By turns hilarious then tragic, the least you know about this darkly comic odd couple story beforehand the better, but be warned - this is not for the faint hearted!

Click here to watch a recording of the live streamed Q+A with director Karl Markovics which followed our launch screening on Saturday 13th June.

“Karl Markovics’ sometimes affectionate, sometimes funny, sometimes heart-stoppingly dark film… It has a freshness about it that’s only partially rooted in its willingness to break with formula, unfolding like a shaggy dog tale with events following on from one another in a way that works well enough narratively but presents deliberate emotional challenges. Markovics intentionally pushes viewers out of their comfort zone.” Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film.

“Stunningly captured on the wide screen and in crisply shot close-up… A pithy and sardonic script and a steely central performance from veteran Austrian actor Heinz Trixner make this a winner.” - Filmuforia.


Karl Markovics







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