Out In the Open / Intemperie (2019)

  • Adventure, Drama, Thriller
  • 1h 43m


The only thing missing from this film is a score by Ennio Morricone. In a parched and desperate Andalucia, six years after the end of the ruinous Spanish Civil War, a 12-year-old boy known only as “Kid” (Jaime López) runs away from his family’s brutal landlord, Capataz (Luis Callejo), and into the bare desert, where he is likely to die of thirst. Capataz sets out in pursuit, taking with him the equally sadistic Triana (Vicente Romero). The boy loses his water bottle, but is found by a terse and nomadic shepherd Pastor (Luis Tosar), scarred by his experiences in Spain’s colonial war in Morocco, power base of Federico Franco. In time they form a bond, which leads the shepherd to make sacrifices to protect the boy, and to aid him in his quest to reach the city.

Benito Zambruno’s Spanish western reflects his knowledge of his home territory, from the harshness of its human interactions, made worse by the legacy of the hostilities, to the stark beauty of its landscape. Despite the cruelties of the situation, he also brings charm and poignancy to the relationship between Pastor and Kid.

Out In the Open has won 8 awards, including the Blogos de Oro Award for director Benito Zambrano at the 2019 Valladolid International Film Festival, two Goyas and many ASECAN (Andalucian cinema) awards.

‘The film’s bleak, elemental power and sometimes disturbing portrait of a society ruled by violence ultimately make for a worthwhile journey.’ - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

’…visually stunning and well-captured by Pau Esteve Birba in sweeping shots that thankfully are largely achieved without drones.’ - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

‘The visuals are supported and highlighted by an excellent score, and in the characters we can sense the strength of the original literary source.’ - Juan Pando, Fotogramas.

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Luis Tosar, Jaime López, Luis Callejo, Vicente Romero, Kandido Uranga


Benito Zambrano

Original novel by

Jesús Carrasco


Daniel Remón


Pablo Remón


Benito Zambrano


Pau Esteve Birba