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Paradise / Una nuova vita

1h 25m Drama, Comedy, Thriller 2019

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‘Focus on Italy’

In his first fictional feature, Davide Del Degan tells of Calogero, aka ‘Alfio’, witness to a Sicilian Mafia murder who goes into a protection programme in a tiny, culturally-alien village in the remote Friuli mountains of north-eastern Italy. Although he has left behind his pregnant wife he feels safe here, if a little bemused by the locals. Then another Sicilian turns up, and Alfio feels safe no longer… What starts off as a cute, ironic little comedy develops into something rather touching and profound, as the protagonists wrestle with the monstrously corrupt and damaging influence of the Mafia on their lives. The leads are both terrific, with Vincenzo Nemolato as the hapless but bravely decent Alfio outstanding. A very neat twist to the final frames of the film will get the audience thinking - as will the whole film. Blending thriller with comedy, Paradise is never predictable.

“With its quirky characterisation and abrupt shifts of tone, this is an odd little film… unexpectedly emotional in places and knowingly ridiculous in others. It’s a bold piece of work” - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film.

“Doing the right thing carries risks and rewards in Paradise, a wonderfully melancholic fish out of water farce with a soulful performance from rising star Vincenzo Nemolato.” - Glasgow Film Festival.


Davide Del Degan






Italy, Slovenia

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