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Saint Maud

1h 23m Drama, Horror, Mystery 2021

Religious obsession turns into psychological horror in this acclaimed debut feature. Maud is a fervently religious nurse with a traumatic past who takes on a job caring for a hedonistic ex-dancer, now in the late stages of a terminal illness. As these two opposing personalities form an uneasy co-dependency, Maud becomes dangerously fixated with saving her patients soul. With pitch perfect performances from the two leads and shot through with a sense of unease and increasing psychosis, Saint Maud builds to a shocking finale.

What the critics say….

“Disaster seems inevitable, but what makes Saint Maud so nail-bitingly tense is that it’s impossible to guess the form in which it’ll come” - Alison Willmore, New York Magazine

“This startling seaside wig-out is the best British horror film since Under the Skin. Welcome to The Exorcist-on-Sea. This brilliantly unsettling horror film sweeps in on a humdrum English coastal town with a fierce cargo of religious mania, psychological power games and the odd moment of nightmarish ickiness. It will haunt your dreams and probably put you off seaside holidays for ever. I’ve seen Saint Maud twice and each time it found new ways to freak me out. Take the leap of faith” - Philip De Semlyn Time Out

St. Maud marks a stunning feature film debut for writer-director Rose Glass. Understated yet opulent, measured, and intensely creepy, it’s a tour de force in balancing uncomfortable levels of tension and suspense with deep pathos” - Aja Romano, Vox


Rose Glass


English, Welsh





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