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Selfie (2019)

Comedy, Society, Technology, Dark Humour 1h 48m 2019

Click here to watch YourScreen’s Leslie Sheldon interview Selfie lead actor Fanny Sidney

Like a whole series of Black Mirror in one film, these five darkly humorous, interlinking stories explore our increasing dependence upon digital media. Cyberstalking, social media, online shopping, swipe dating, vlogging - all come under its insightful gaze. Starring Fanny Sidney from Netflix hit Call My Agent, Selfie is much cleverer proposition than most anthology or portmanteau films, with characters and plot lines recurring throughout the different stories. As the web connections grow, the film builds towards a grande finale set at a wedding on an island with no mobile phone signal - until someone finds one, leading to an hilarious showdown. Given our increased reliance on technology to stay connected under the current Covid-19 lockdown, this is a wry commentary on the tyranny of internet connections and screens (Selfie is brought to you exclusively, and ironically, by the UK’s leading Virtual Cinema!).

“delivers biting social critique with a side helping of je ne sais quoi wit” - The Guardian.

“Like any good anthology, each of these stories manage to be very different while still sharing a clear through line. Each one wittily takes a crack at our dependence on clicks, as well as how brave — and often stupid — anonymity can make us.” - Amelia Emberwing, What to Watch.

Selfie therefore manages to fulfil its double promise by giving viewers a good time, while opening up avenues for them to think about the importance, not always happy, taken by digital technology in today’s society. A great success!” Antoine Corte, Bulles de Culture.

YourScreen audience comments:

“Excellent, and I could see Selfie being a success with my audience.”

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Elsa Zylberstein, Fanny Sidney, Julia Piaton, Finnegan Oldfield, Blanche Gardin


Tristan Aurouet


Thomas Bidegain


Marc Fitoussi


Cyril Gelblat


Vianney Lebasque


Giulio Callegari, Noé Debré, Hélène Lombard, Julien Sibony, Bertrand Soulier







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