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Stitches / Šavovi

1h 45m Drama, Thriller 2019

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Based on the historical disappearance of over 500 Yugoslavian new-borns in the early 1990s, Stitches, Miroslav Terzic’s second feature, is a beautifully controlled slow-burn psycho-drama and a keenly focussed study of quiet determination. Seamstress Ana believes her son, who was pronounced dead at birth 18 years ago, was actually sold for adoption by corrupt hospital staff. The rest of her family have moved on from this painful possibility, isolating Ana in a conviction which might be justified or might be a case of grand self-delusion. Then a visitor to Ana’s shop brings news which admits a glimmer of light on the mystery, and rekindles Ana’s hope of discovering the truth. Snežana Bogdanović, as Ana, puts in a memorably authoritative performance worthy of Isabelle Huppert, and the nuance and pitch-perfect pacing ensure this is far more than a standard thriller scenario.

Stitches has won ten awards at international film festivals, including the Forward Future Award for Best New Screenwriter (Elma Tataragic) at the 2019 Beijing International Film Festival, and the Best Actress Award for Snezana Bogdanovic at the 2019 Las Palmas Film Festival.

”…an immensely watchable central performance by Snežana Bogdanović as a seamstress coming apart at the seams.” - Screen International.

Stitches is a psychological drama de luxe, with a Polanski-like thriller undercurrent.” - Cineuropa.


Miroslav Terzic







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