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1h 34m Drama 2018

During a escapist solo yacht trip to Ascension Island, paramedic and first-responder Rike is survives a perilous storm, but that is only the beginning of her problems. The next day she encounters a stricken fishing boat, overloaded with African refuges. With the authorities seemingly indifferent to their plight and advising her not to intervene, she must choose between her safety and her sense of responsibility. Named after the mythological river that separates the living from the dead, Styx plays as both a gripping moral drama and a pointed commentary on the migrant crisis.

Director Wolfgang Fischer: “Every day at Europe’s external borders, people die in their quest for peace as they attempt to save themselves by crossing the sea to our continent. Encounters in the middle of the ocean between pleasure boats and overloaded, stricken refugee boats are a nightmare scenario much-discussed among sailors, and such incidents are becoming increasingly common. What happens if a solo sailor (a yachtswoman alone on a boat) finds herself in this situation? Inspired by true events, Styx pursues this question in a fictional fashion, illustrating how economic interests compete with humanitarian principles, how excessive demand usurps compassion, and how indifference destroys all hope. The film deals with individual dreams of paradise, and revolves around central questions of identity: Who are we, who do we want to be, and who do we have to be?”

“A much-needed wake-up call” - Little White Lies.

“The intensity of a ticking-clock thriller” - Indiewire.


Wolfgang Fischer


Ika Künzel


Wolfgang Fischer


Benedict Neuenfels


German, English




Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Malta


606 Distribution

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