The Beautiful Game / Det vackra spelet (2020)

  • Documentary, Sport
  • 1h 19m

UK Première Screening

As they do all over Africa, boys in Abidjan, capital of Côte d’Ivoire, fantasise about playing football in Europe, which promises a better future for themselves and their families. The dream comes true for Odilon Kossounou, just 17, when a Swedish agent arrives and takes him to a club in Stockholm. From the moment he is scouted, to his arrival in the cold North, expectations are enormous; family, agents and club put their hopes in him. By no means a film that is purely for football fans, this topical documentary gives us an insight into elite sport, while exploring themes of globalisation, integration and human connectedness.


Odilon Kossounou


Olof Berglind


Swedish, English, French



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