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The Columnist

1h 26m Comedy, Crime, Drama 2021

Writer Femke Boot has become fixated with monitoring the tirade of abuse she is enduring on social media; the obsession consumes her life to the extent that her column writing is suffering, and her novel has been put on hold. One day, all her pent-up anger and frustration explodes in a moment of shocking and unexpected violence. However, the writer’s block returns and with it her addiction to social media. Secretly, Femke believes there is only one solution to her ever-growing frustration. She surrenders to her murderous rage and alternates the killing and maiming of her tormentors with writing her debut novel. But how long can she continue this double life?

What the critics say….

“….internet trolls are a pox. It’s pretty easy then to sympathise with the anti-heroine in this Dutch comedy horror, who goes on a bloody killing spree after receiving an endless stream of abuse online. Tracking down the (always male) perpetrators. Heavily satirical and with the knowingly black atmosphere of a Grimm’s fairy tale, The Columnist is unflinching in its challenge of modern society’s so-called right to “freedom of speech”. Debut director Ivo van Aart….treads the line between comedy and tragedy, delivering a stylish, intermittently gory film that shocks and entertains without ever resorting to sermonising” - Josh Winning, Radio Times

“The biting and scathing script by Daan Windhorst doesn’t just take more-than-deserved stabs at troll culture, but also a broader swipe about the very real perils of social media addiction” - Richard Whittaker Austin Chronicle

A blackly funny satire exploring the limits of obscenity and hateful discourse in our new mediated age. Anton Bitel, Sight & Sound


Ivo van Aart







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