The Drifters (2021)

  • Romance, Drama
  • 1h 31m

YourScreen Exclusive

Click here to watch Valencia Haynes of FilmBath in conversation for YourScreen with The Drifters director Ben Bond and stars Lucie Bordeu and Jonathan Ajayi.

A film so bright, vibrant and immersed in Nouvelle Vague cool that you need sunglasses to watch it, The Drifters follows Koffee, an African migrant and Fanny, a French waitress, two outsiders who meet at language school in London and flee to the west coast in search of their place in the world. A touching and tender romance blossoms, but trouble from the city is hot on their tail.

It’s fun to spend time with this quirky and engaging couple as they slowly fall for each other, while the script provides a poignant and enlightening commentary on today’s issues of immigration, society and identity. Playfully directed, with the attractive young lovers often spontaneously breaking into dance or speaking directly to camera, this entertaining film makes Teignmouth look like the French Riviera and is imbued with a free-wheeling ambience that is the perfect antidote for the pandemic blues.

“An absolute treat… highly articulate film-making… Bond knows his film history and there are subtle nods to his influences that will keep film buffs happy for hours’” - UK Film Review

“Gripped by l’espirit de Godard” - Total Film

YourScreen audience comments:

“We have just escaped a stormy wet afternoon with a sun-filled screening of The Drifters and it really is a gem.”

“All aspects belied any idea that this was a debut feature – assured, well-directed, performances from the principal actors, inspired sun-filled photography and an engaging screenplay, all supported by an inspired music track.”

“It did take me back to those free-wheeling films of the sixties and the Nouvelle Vague but the palette of genres and film styles only served to provide a fresh look at a universal love story.”



Jonathan Ajayi, Lucie Bourdeu, Tia Bannon, Ariyon Bakare


Ben Bond


Ben Bond



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