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The Roses present: But Beautiful

1h 56m Documentary 2019

UK Première,

courtesy of The Match Factory.

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Filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer takes us on a journey around the world to celebrate some remarkable people who dare to live differently, all sharing the common goal of a sustainable world. We meet permaculture visionaries, illiterate women building solar panels to bring clean electricity to rural villages, an Austrian forester building wooden houses that require no heating, musicians musing on the actual sound of beauty and a grinning Dali Lama with some wise words of hope for humanity. An inspiring film revealing beauty and the freedom to be happy through connectedness in nature, society and music.

“What is impressive about But Beautiful is above all the beauty it seeks against the warning-dystopic films like Earth (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 2019), and which he does not seek by showing the global destruction, but rather the immeasurable possibilities that our planet has to offer.” – Kino-Zeit

“Coupled to fascinating landscape photographs, But Beautiful conveys a high understanding of beauty according to its title. Because in the classical sense he tries to capture the true and the good”. – NZZ

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Erwin Wagenhofer


Sabine Kriechbaum


Erwin Wagenhofer


German, English, Hindi, Spanish


Germany, Austria


The Match Factory

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