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The Space Between the Lines / Gut gegen Nordwind (plus Q+A)

2h 3m Drama, Romance 2019

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UK Première Screening

It took just a mis-typed email address for Emmi’s strongly worded request for cancellation of her subscription to Like magazine to land in linguist Leo’s inbox. An exchange of emails begins. It’s sometimes easier to be honest - intimate even - with an emailing stranger, especially when there’s no chance of ever meeting in real life. So secrets are shared, each message confirms the connection a little more, then sparks fly and it seems like fate has pushed them together. But will they connect in real life? And where will Leo’s long-term girlfriend Marlene and Emmi’s long-term husband Bernhard fit in? Adapted from Daniel Glattauer’s international best seller Love Virtually, The Space Between the Lines is an entertaining and thoroughly modern romance for the digital generation.

“Sometimes it is cheesy, often original, then sad again, in the end beautiful; ultimately a successful love film - sometimes digital screwball comedy , sometimes cyber melodrama.” Kino-Zeit.

“This brings up almost nostalgic memories of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan hit You’ve Got Mail.” - The Daily Express.

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