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Time For Love / Kolej na milosc (2020)

Poland / Taiwan / Columbia, Drama, Comedy, Romance 1h 23m 2020

UK Première,

courtesy of TVCO International Distribution.


What would you do for love? Mikołaj barely hesitates before he abandons his lowly job handing out leaflets dressed as a snowball and hops on a train in pursuit of the woman of his dreams (who has just walked by). Once aboard, we’re met with a wryly amusing and sometimes surreal series of loosely connected encounters and incidents, involving such as a pair of lost children, a tyrannical ticket inspector, a man with a child’s coffin, a compartment full of tough nuts and a runaway mouse. Will Mikołaj’s bold hopes meet with the reward they deserve, or does fate have something else in store?

Beautifully lit and shot, Columbian director Miguel J. Vélez’s first feature is a highly theatrical stab at reinventing that tried-and-tested cinema trope – ‘strangers on a train’. And he succeeds. The action is sprightly, the characters likeable, the mood hopeful and the outcome satisfying. Does it all add up to suggest a grand metaphor for the journey of life itself - or is this just a typical train journey on the Polish railway in the week before Christmas? Either way, it’s a highly entertaining ride. Up for classical music!

”…it really excels at visual comedy. From weird old men with baby-sized coffins to random outbreaks of song and dance, the film is a journey quite unlike what you may have experienced before.” - Jamal Knox, Austin Film Festival.

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Marcin Franc, Marta Sutor, Jacek Kałucki


Miguel J. Vélez


Miguel J. Vélez


Michal Mieszczyk


Jozefina Gocman


Polish, English




Poland, Taiwan, Colombia

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