Unidentified (2020)

  • Thriller, Drama
  • 2h 3m


UK Première,

courtesy of Wide Management.

In competition,

CIFF ‘Best Film, Emerging Director Award’ 2021.

In a small city in Northern Romania, irascible and ruthless detective Florin Iespas Bogdan Farcas) sets himself the task of solving a crime that his colleagues have ignored. Two women have died in fires in hotel cabins owned by the same man. Iespas, who is at odds with his boss and deep in debt, soon finds a suspect, a Roma security guard called Bǎnel (Dragos Domitru), who may or may not have been involved in insurance fraud with the hotel proprietor. As the film proceeds, Iespas begins to manipulate and abuse Bǎnel in ways that suggest he has motives other than merely pinning a crime on him.

At first, this compelling thriller looks like it will unfold as either a police procedural or a character study of an obsessive cop with the usual messy personal life (is there any other kind?), but as it develops, we realise that something much more intriguing is taking place, as an elaborate tapestry of clues and conundrums are laid out like a jigsaw to solve, building to a chilling final scene that lays bare the corruption and racism within the Romanian police force.

‘A dark, propulsive thriller about corruption and racism in Romania’s police force. A grimly efficient character study of a flawed and damaged man.’ - Wendy Ide, Screen International.

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Bogdan Farcas, Dragos Dumitru, Vasile Muraru, Emanuel Parvu, Olimpia Malai, Andrei Aradits


Bogdan George Apetri


Bogdan George Apetri


Iulian Postelnicu


Oleg Mutu