Wet Season (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 43m


In competition,

CIFF ‘Best Film, Emerging Director Award’ 2021.

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In this poignant domestic tale, Ling (Yeo Yann Yann) is a Malaysian teacher of Chinese, living in Singapore. In her late thirties, she is struggling to conceive through IVF, and has to look after her bedridden father-in-law, while her materialistic husband is often away from home. Then Kok Wei Lan (Koh Jia Ler), one of her teenage students, becomes infatuated with her. He lives alone, with his parents overseas on business. Ling feels for him, and a bond slowly develops between them. The woman, the boy and the invalid establish a kind of domesticity, but he wants more.

Director Anthony Chen won the debut film prize at Cannes in 2013 with Ilo Ilo. Wet Season, his second feature, was the Singaporean entry for the Best International Feature Film Oscar this year.

Of its 30 awards nominations Wet Season has won 8, including Best Film, Best Actress (Yann Yann Yeo) and the Cinephilia Critics’ Award at the 2019 Pingyao International Film Festival and the Prize of the City of Torino for Best Screenplay at the 2019 Torino Film Festival.

‘With the bittersweet drama Wet Season, Singapore writer-director Anthony Chen again proves himself a perceptive observer of life and social class in his tropical nation-state and a sensitive chronicler of issues confronting women.” - Alissa Simon, Variety.

‘Chen’s moody-looking feature, set during the monsoon season, aches with repression. It’s also as outraged as Promising Young Woman over how men mistreat women.’ - Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News.

YourScreen audience comments:

‘Intelligent and polished.’

‘The pace was unhurried but the film was engrossing.’

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Jia Ler Koh, Yann Yann Yeo, Christopher Ming-Shun Lee, Shi Bin Yang


Anthony Chen


Anthony Chen


Sam Care


Mandarin, Hokkien, English



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