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Window To the Sea / Una ventana al mar (2019)

1h 45m Spain / Greece, Drama, Romance 2019


Maria is living her best life in Bilbao when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A submissive personality, she nonetheless defies her family and her doctors and flees to Greece, where she finds peace and hope on the idyllic island of Nisyros, and in the arms of fisherman Stefanos.

Featuring moving performances from Emma Suárez, best known as the star of Almodovar’s Julietta, who seems to become more vital and alive as the film progresses, and Akilas Karazisis as the weather-beaten fisherman, living with his own tempestuous back-story - their attraction feels authentic and is healing for both of them. The other star of the film is the beautiful island of Nisytros, it’s calm shimmering waters contrasting with the angry waves of Maria’s home town of Bilbao - it feels restorative just looking at it on the screen. With a script laden with poignant observations, this life affirming story of love, loss and living every day as if it’s your last builds to a compassionate and beautifully judged ending that carries a message of hope for all of us.

“a film exuding hope and emotion” – Cineuropa

“María and Stefanos portray real people in love, with the apparent ease and honesty of lifelong companions, that adds to the impact of the story at every turn” - Latinolife

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Luis Gamboa


Luis Moya


Gorka Gómez Andreu






Spain, Greece


Heretic Outreach

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