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Once purchased, films will remain viewable for 28 days.

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Season Six (5 Nov - 31 Dec) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Season Six Pass
Night Ride / La nuit venue
1h 35m Drama, Thriller 2019
Working Woman / Isha Ovedet
1h 33m Drama 2018
Let There Be Light / Nech je svetlo
1h 33m Drama, Thriller 2019
1h 26m Documentary 2020
Food Club / Madklubben
1h 38m Comedy, Drama 2020

Japan 2021 - Beyond Kurosawa (29 October - 31 December) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Beyond Kurosawa
Perfect Blue / Pâfekuto burû
1h 21m Anime, Psycho-drama 1997
Branded to Kill / Koroshi no rakuin
1h 31m Crime, Thriller 1967
Patema Inverted / Sakasama no Patema
1h 38m Anime, Adventure 2013
Outlaw: Gangster VIP / Burai yori daikanbu
1h 34m Crime, Thriller 1968
1h 40m Horror, Erotic 1964
Harmonium / Fuchi ni tatsu
2h 0m Drama, Thriller 2016
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes / Droste no hate de bokura
1h 10m Comedy, Science Fiction 2021

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