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- Films will become available at 8am on the day shown.
- Titles will be available for purchase for between three and ten days from this date.
- Each films availability window is shown when you hover over the image and is also detailed on the information page for each title.
- Once purchased they will remain in your library and be viewable for 28 days or until you click “Play Now” to start watching.
- Once you click “Play Now” you will then have 48 hours to finish watching the film… all the films in the festival are considerably shorter than 48 hours!

This year, we have introduced a Five Film Festival Pass
priced at just £25 (early bird until 24 May) and £32 after
that. To buy your pass, please click here


Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021: NO LONGER AVAILABLE

The Father
1h 37m Drama 2021
In Conversation with Stephen Frears
37m Drama 2021

Tues 25 May

1h 24m Drama, Black Comedy 2020
1h 40m Thriller 2021

Weds 26 May

I Never Cry / Jak najdalej stad
1h 38m Drama, Comedy 2020
How To Be a Good Wife / La bonne épouse
1h 49m Comedy, Drama 2020

Thurs 27 May

The Atlantic City Story
1h 38m Drama 2020
Dinner In America
1h 45m Comedy, Drama 2020

Fri 28 May

Into Dad's Woods / La forêt de mon père
1h 30m Drama 2019

Sat 29 May

What You Don't Know About Me / Quello che non sai di me
1h 54m drama, Romance 2019
1h 27m Drama, Comedy 2019
Mating / Parning
1h 33m Documentary, Romance 2019
2h 3m Thriller, Drama 2020

Sun 30 May

My Wonderful Wanda
1h 51m Drama, Comedy 2020
Sisters Apart / Im Feuer
1h 33m Drama, War 2020

Mon 31 May

The Outside Story
1h 25m USA, Drama 2020
Out In the Open / Intemperie
1h 43m Adventure, Drama 2019
Night Of the Kings / La nuit des rois
1h 33m Drama, Fantasy 2020

Tues 01 June

Sweet Thing
1h 31m Drama 2020
Madly In Life / Un vie démente
1h 27m Drama, Comedy 2020

Weds 02 June

Kubrick By Kubrick
1h 13m Documentary, Biography 2020
Father / Otac
2h 0m Drama 2020

Fri 04 June (Cheltenham International Film Festival - Closing Film)

1h 31m Comedy, Drama 2019

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