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Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021: NO LONGER AVAILABLE

NO LONGER RENTABLE • A man in the grip of dementia refuses all offers of help from his loved ones as his understanding of reality ebbs away.
The Father
Drama 1h 37m 2021
A special event celebrating 50 years of film making from one of the UK's most prolific film makers
In Conversation with Stephen Frears
Drama 37m 2021

Tues 25 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two couples chat beside a suburban pool. The unease mounts as they turn to an incident involving their young kids.
Drama, Black Comedy 1h 24m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A stripped-back thriller about a man who goes on a reckless journey of self-liberation over 24 hours in London.
Thriller 1h 40m 2021
NO LONGER RENTABLE • An ailing swordsman must persevere in his bloody craft to win back his kidnapped daughter before his eyesight fails.
The Swordsman
Action, Adventure, Drama 1h 40m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two young Chechen refugees tolerate life with foster carers before trying to reunite with their mother.
Oskar and Lilli, Where No One Knows Us
Drama 1h 42m 2020

Weds 26 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • A young Polish girl travels to Ireland to recover the body of her father, long estranged from the family back home.
I Never Cry / Jak najdalej stad
Drama, Comedy 1h 38m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A dutiful wife rises up, inspired by the Spirit of May '68 and by the secret her dead husband bequeaths her.
How To Be a Good Wife / La bonne épouse
Comedy, Drama 1h 49m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Three sisters compete for a chance to escape the isolation of their Anatolian village with a wealthy big city benefactor.
A Tale of Three Sisters / Kiz Kardesler
Drama, Ethnography 1h 48m 2019

Thurs 27 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Hitting Atlantic City, Jane forms an unlikely bond with a young gambler. But she can’t run from her marriage forever.
The Atlantic City Story
Drama 1h 38m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Tina, a Mexican trans woman, lives a precarious undocumented life in NYC with her grandmother.
The Garden Left Behind
Drama, LGBTQ 1h 28m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A victimised girl and an anarchic punk with a penchant for pyromania form an unlikely couple in this misfit romance.
Dinner In America
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 45m 2020

Fri 28 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • In Singapore, teacher Ling becomes the object of an infatuation when she takes one of her students under her wing.
Wet Season
Drama 1h 43m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Gina, 15, struggles with the mental disintegration of her beloved and eccentric nature-loving father.
Into Dad's Woods / La forêt de mon père
Drama 1h 30m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Iron Maiden, Bogota, 1980. A dream come true for two young metalheads who are determined to see the band.
The Night of the Beast
Drama, Comedy, Teen 1h 10m 2020

Sat 29 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two people with secrets and from very different backgrounds make an unlikely marriage, something neither was seeking.
What You Don't Know About Me / Quello che non sai di me
drama, Romance 1h 54m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Four young women gambol on a beach. A day of play for close friends it seems, but there's a reason they’re here.
Drama, Comedy 1h 27m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two Swedish millennials offer up a year of their lives to the camera as they online-date and a romance blossoms.
Mating / Parning
Documentary, Romance 1h 33m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A labyrinthine police thriller in which a flawed but determined detective (yes, one of those) begins to seem ever more flawed.
Thriller, Drama 2h 3m 2020

Sun 30 May

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two young women, struggling to follow their own destinies against class-defined expectations, form an unlikely friendship.
Drama 2h 4m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Young Polish live-in carer Wanda brings joy and havoc to the lakeside villa of an affluent Swiss family.
My Wonderful Wanda
Drama, Comedy, Satire 1h 51m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Rojda, a Kurdish member of the German army, sets out clandestinely to reunite her family, dispersed by Middle Eastern wars.
Sisters Apart / Im Feuer
Drama, War 1h 33m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Three teenagers come under the influence of a slightly older religious zealot at a religious summer camp.
Drama 1h 32m 2020

Mon 31 May

Locked out of his apartment, Charles sees more to life as he's suddenly dependent upon his long-ignored neighbours.
The Outside Story
USA, Drama, Comedy 1h 25m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A young boy fleeing an abuser is helped across the sun-baked Andalusian terrain by a world-weary shepherd.
Out In the Open / Intemperie
Adventure, Drama, Thriller 1h 43m 2019
NO LONGER RENTABLE • In a bid to save his life, young prison inmate Roman weaves a tall tale about the rise and fall of a notorious gang leader.
Night Of the Kings / La nuit des rois
Drama, Fantasy 1h 33m 2020

Tues 01 June

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two young siblings set out on the road with a friend to escape their dysfunctional family life.
Sweet Thing
Drama 1h 31m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • Alex and Noémie want a child - a wish both denied and oddly fulfilled when his mother develops a rare neurodegenerative disease.
Madly In Life / Un vie démente
Drama, Comedy 1h 27m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • The life of the sometime hedonist, pioneering neurologist and celebrated author of ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat’.
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
Documentary, Biography, LGBTQ 1h 51m 2019

Weds 02 June

NO LONGER RENTABLE • A revealing and beautifully constructed documentary based on a rare interviews master director Stanley Kubrick gave in 1980.
Kubrick By Kubrick
Documentary, Biography 1h 13m 2020
NO LONGER RENTABLE • A determined father treks from his village home to the Serbian capital Belgrade to protest against the removal of his kids.
Father / Otac
Drama 2h 0m 2020
A homeless Parisienne and an 8-yr-old Burkinabé boy scour the streets of the city in search of the boy's absent mother. AVAILABLE 19 NOV - 19 DEC
Under the Stars of Paris / Sous les étoiles de Paris
Drama 1h 26m 2020

Fri 04 June (Cheltenham International Film Festival - Closing Film)

NO LONGER RENTABLE • Two British working-class couples return to Brighton after 40 years and struggle to accept changes in society and themselves.
Comedy, Drama 1h 31m 2019