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With venues temporarily closed or capacity restricted, YourScreen has emerged as a virtual cinema, streaming films – new and/or unavailable on other digital platforms – directly into audiences homes. Every two months, YourScreen changes its programme to provide you with a range and variety of films to appeal to all tastes. Best of all, you can watch films and still support your local cinema by buying a virtual ticket on YourScreen as we share revenue with exhibitors. Or, if you are member of a film society, we allow you access to watch films for your membership fee. To learn more, visit your local cinema or film society web site. If you do not see us on there, or cannot find them on our site, please let us know so that we may make contact with them. You will be the beneficiary – watching films uninterrupted and at a discount, if you are a cinema patron.


Download our app to view your purchased content. For Apple IOS use the Shift72 App and select the YourScreen Channel. For Android, download our bespoke app.