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Refer your friends to YourScreen and you receive 20% of all their ticket purchases

It has long been understood that no matter how much film studios and distributors spend on marketing and hype, the most powerful marketing tool for any film is word of mouth recommendation. For decades, audiences have been working as an unpaid sales force for film studios, boosting box office by enthusing with friends and family about films they have seen. For the first time, YourScreen, seeks to address this, by rewarding our viewer for introducing new members to our onn going programme of award winning world cinema titles.

If you have enjoyed watching films on YourScreen and you have friends, family and colleagues whom you believe would enjoy the same, then please sign up to take advantage of our offer.

Here’s how it works
Firstly, you must have purchased at least one film on YourScreen. If you have yet done so, please havwe a look at the current programme
Once you have registered by filling out this form you receive a unique promo code to pass on to your friends and family which gives them 25% off of the published price of a ticket, so they can watch a film of their choice at £7.49 rather than £9.99. We also provide you with support materials to help you share the offer on social media.

For every ticket sold using your promo code you’ll earn 20% commission That’s £1.50 for each £7.49 rental

Your introductions need not be restricted to friends and family. Please feel free to circulate the code we send you to your wider circle, work/business contacts and anyone you think would be interested in seeing quality world cinema that is not available on any other UK platform. You could even form your own film club with friends and organise weekly “watch parties” of films on our platform.

To participate in this promotion, please click here and complete the registration form. Whether or not you choose to take part in our Refer a Friend promotion, you can continue to enjoy YourScreen by using the promo code provided by the cinema or film society who introduced you to YourScreen at checkout to give you 25% off of the purchase price.

If you have any questions about the Refer a Friend promotion or if you interested in turning this into a home based business, please contact:


Download our app to view your purchased content. For Apple IOS use the Shift72 App and select the YourScreen Channel. For Android, download our bespoke app.