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Golden Rule
Before watching your film, make sure you have closed other tabs on your browser which might be streaming content (such as ads) in the background, so that your internet signal is fully dedicated to streaming your film. Ideally, have no more than the tab on which you are watching your film open. Also turn off ad blocker, as this can intercept and slow down network traffic, and make sure your browser is up to date.

My tv doesn’t recognise my device
If there seems to be a communication breakdown between your tv and your device (for instance, the tv does not display the input source to which your laptop is connected), try switching off and rebooting both.

The film freezes
This might be a buffering issue, so try rewinding by a few minutes using the progress bar at the bottom of your screen (you’ll have to move your cursor or touch your screen to make this appear). Move the slider back fractionally, wait for the stream to resume - hopefully it will not freeze at the same point again!

Intermittent streaming
You might find patches in the film where it momentarily hesitates, then picks up again. This is also likely to be a buffering issue, so see the solution suggested above.

I can’t sign in to my account
We have found occasional issues with certain browsers. If you find the website is not recognising your login details, try closing your browser and reopening. If this does not work, try using an alternative browser. We’ve found that Chrome (for Windows and Mac), Safari (for Mac) and Internet Explorer integrate most seamlessly with our streaming platform. As a last resort, try restarting your device.

We have occasionally come across a user who has created more than one account. There is no advantage to this, and it might confuse the system. If none of the above helps and you are still experiencing trouble with your sign-in procedure, please contact us. We’ll investigate your account record and delete superfluous accounts if they are found to exist.

Too many devices registered to my account
If you have used different browsers, or different versions of one browser (after updating, for instance), these will have registered as separate ‘devices’ on your account. There is a limit to the number that can be registered, and if you reach the limit this alert will appear. You can monitor your registered devices and delete obsolete ones yourself - go to ‘Signed in as (your name)’ top right of the screen and click on that to reveal a drop-down list of options. Select ‘My Devices’. You can the delete all devices except the one you intend to use.

if you have persistent problems which are not solved by the guidelines above please contact us at


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