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You can now watch YourScreen on your TV using the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV (coming soon) Apps and Google Chromecast.

On Android and Apple mobile devices, please use our apps (see below). You can download content to your device for offline viewing using our apps. Viewing via browsers is not available on mobile devices.

Please note:
To watch with any of our apps, you must first make your purchases via our website and you will then find your purchased films in your apps library once logged in.

Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV:

Please search for the YourScreen App in the App Store, , download and log in with your YourScreen credentials. You will now see your purchases in your library.

Google TV (coming very soon):

Log into the app with your YourScreen credentials. Log into the app with your YourScreen credentials.


Find the film using the Chrome browser on your PC, Mac or mobile device. With Chromecast open on your TV, Click the Chromcast logo in the bottom right of the screen. The film will start playing on your TV and you will be able to use your device to control it.

You can also Chromecast directly to Android TV enabled TV’s and use your remote to control the film.

If your TV doesn’t come with Google TV built in, please check your TV app store, there may be a version you can install.


Download the YourScreen App from Google Play. Once installed, open the app, log in and you will find your purchased films in your library.

iPhone & iPad

Download the Shift72 App from the Apple App Store. Once installed, open the app, scroll down and select YourScreen. You will then be able to log on and find your purchased films in your library.

With Andriod and Shift72 apps, content can be downloaded to your device for view offline. This is useful if you have low bandwidth or a travelling to an area without an internet connection.

If you are experiencing problems using our apps, please contact us:

Download our app to view your purchased content. For Apple IOS use the Shift72 App and select the YourScreen Channel. For Android, download our bespoke app.