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Welcome to YourScreen virtual cinema, hosted by Shift72 - the platform that hosts Cheltenham International Film Festival, London Film Festival and numerous prestigious film festivals around the world. You are in good hands.

Our homepage outlines the current YourScreen season of seven films, running 23rd October to 20th December. Six are unavailable on any other UK streaming platform. Three films, System Crasher, The Best of Dorian B and Lillian open YourScreen’s programme. Thereafter, films will be released during YourScreen’s first season.

With venues temporary closed or capacity restricted, YourScreen shares some of your frustrations, be you a member of a film society or a patron of your local cinema. In the event, YourScreen seeks to re-create the collective viewing experience online and to share the benefits with your film society who rely on membership fees or your local cinema. For every virtual ticket you buy, we share revenue with the local cinema of your choice. And, if your local independent cinema is not a YourScreen partner, please let us know and we will make contact so that you and your friends and family can benefit from the substantial discounts we offer off of your ticket price by purchasing using the cinema’s promo code. Or, you may wish to encourage your local film society.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and welcome your comments. Please contact us with your feedback at

Happy viewing!

Download our app to view your purchased content. For Apple IOS use the Shift72 App and select the YourScreen Channel. For Android, download our bespoke app.